Tuesday 27 Jun 2017

A "fair deal" : you buy nutritious organic/natural vegetables and healthier cooked meals....Rotary Community Farmers earn a living to care for their families.


A "fair deal"...affordable , healthier...and delivered...:

HOW HEALTHIER ? your body needs nutritious veg grown nearby ; Rotary Community Farmers conform to organic principles ;cooks endeavour to use only the finest ingredients regardless of cost such as Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil, Himalayan Salt , Un-processed Ingredients. Meat products used will be Grass-fed Beef; Free Range Chicken; Karoo Lamb and Venison. Vegetables used will be sourced wherever possible from The Organic Farms/Rotary Community Farmers which includes growing in conversion and natural ; all farmers avoid using pesticides and harmful chemicals which are harmful to humans and the environment ; as demand increases so does supply, enabling greater well-being for you , farmers and the environnment.

 MORE... See FAQS & the gallery of farms below:

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